Healthy Eating


We employ a cook to provide the best possible diet for your child. We cook a wide variety of foods in order that our children get to experience various cuisines.

In the mornings, we provide breakfast for the children. Breakfast takes place between 9.00am and 9.30am. After registration we give milk, cracker or fruit to children. Children have their lunch between 12 to 12.40pm. In the afternoon at 3.00pm, we offer the children a snack, e.g. milk, water, fresh fruit, cakes, sandwiches, cracker, yoghurt, etc.

We allow parents to celebrate their children’s birthday in the nursery. For this kind of celebration parents can provide a birthday cake (nut free), some healthy snacks, drinks etc. for the children to share. This must be arranged prior with your child’s key person should another child share the same birthday. We ask parents to bring the healthier varieties of snack foods for parties to reinforce the importance of a good diet.

We organise trips as part of the curriculum and we ask parents to provide a packed lunch for their children and themselves if they are coming.

If your child is vegetarian or not allowed to eat or drink specific foods please let us know and we will make sure that staff are made aware.